Free SEO Monitoring Tools is a free destination for analyzing, monitoring and improving your websites ranking in search engine's. Our SEO tools are completly free to use. We do not put any restriction, so that you will get better experience from our website.

site analysis

SEO Analyzer

SEO Analysis tool is used for generating SEO audit reports by suggeting what need to be done in order to improve a websites rank in search engine results page

keywords suggetion

Keyword Generator

Keyword suggetion tool is used to generate keywords from a base keyword eneterd by the user, this long tail keywords will help you to improve your websites rak in SERP

bulk alexa rank checker

Alexa Rank Checker

Using bulk Alexa rank checker tool you can find alexa rank of several websites at once. This free SEO tool supports upto 100 domain names to be analyzed at once.

whois lookup

Whois Lookup

Whois lookup tool provides the complete whois data of a domain name conatained at whois database. This tool will display the entire data of a domain name.

bulk domain availablity checker

Domain Availability

Bulk domain name availablity checker tool enables you to search for domain names in bulk for registering purpose. You can check up to 100 domain names at once

keyword position checker

Keyword Rank Checker

keyword position checker tool is used for finding a website's posttion in search engine results page for a perticular keyword. This tool track keywords position for website's

Keyword competition Analysis

Keyword Analysis

keyword difficulty analysis tool conducts SERP analaysis and then formulate keyword difficulty score. This tool will help you to select keywords that you can easily rank.

bulk domain age checker

Domain Age Tool

Using bulk domain age checker tool you can find age of any website easily. This tool will display when the domain name was registered and its current age

url expander

URL Expander

URL expander is a free online tool to expand short URL's which are generated using a URL shortner tool, such as This tool will retreive original URL behind a short URL

meta tag generator

Meta Tag Generator

Meta tags are very important on-page search engine optimization technique. Our Meta tag generator tool will generate search engine friendly meta tag's for your website.

page load speed analyzer

Page speed Analysis

This tool is used for page load speed analysis. It make use of google pagespeed insights for performing website speed analysis test. It also suggest tips to reduce load time

robots.txt generator

Robot.txt Generator

Using this tool you can generate robots.txt file's. The robots.txt file help's your website to be indexed by Google and other search engines properly